The Romanian Journal for Baltic and Nordic Studies, Volume 4, Issue 2 (2012)

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2

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Table of contents

Michael North
Reinventing the Baltic Sea Region: From the Hansa to the Eu-Strategy of 2009 5

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_1

Alistair Maeer
The Baltic and the birth of a modern English maritime community: the Muscovy Company and nautical cartography, 1553-1665 19

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_2

Nerijus Babinskas
Economic challenges in Early Modern Ages and different responses of European margins. Comparative considerations based on historiography: the cases of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Moldavian Principality 51

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_3

Saulius Kaubrys
Illegal education of Polish children in Independent Lithuania in the 1930s: circumstances and development trends 63

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_4

Oana–Raluca Glăvan and Lucia Andrievschi-Bartkiene
Multiculturalism versus Nationalism and the role of ethnic minorities in the public life of Lithuania 73

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_5

Kari Alenius
Beggars, scammers, discriminated against by the whole of Europe: Romania’s Roma in Finnish tabloids, 2008-2011 87

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_6

Matteo Albertini
Mafia links between the Balkans and Scandinavia. State of affairs 111

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_7

Andrius Švarplys
What the membership has taught? National identity construction in Lithuanian public discourse after accession to the European Union 151

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_8

Eva Birzniece
Construction of Resistance Discourse in Latvian Post-Soviet Literature about Deportations and Imprisonments 173

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_9

Cezar Stanciu
The common denominator. Romania and the Nordic countries, 1966-1969 195

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_10

Silviu Miloiu
The Third Conference on Baltic and Nordic Studies in Romania, May 2012 213

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v4i2_11

Call for Papers 215

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