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Lithuanian Politics of Memory since 1918

Valahia University of Targoviste, in collaboration with the Department of History, “Grigore Gafencu” Research Center for the History of International Relations and Cultural Heritage and the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies, is...


Planeta Lituania

de Antanas Sutkus Complexul Național Muzeal ”Curtea Domnească” din Târgoviște, în colaborare cu Ambasada Lituaniei la București, Asociația Română pentru Studii Baltice și Nordice și Universitatea „Valahia” din Târgoviște vă invită joi, 10 august...


Season Greetings!

The Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies wishes all of its members and collaborators a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!


Cooperation and controversy.

The 14th annual international conference on Baltic and Nordic studies Ovidius University of Constanța, Romania, May 11-12, 2023 The purpose of the conference is to shed light on cooperation and controversy aspects in Scandinavia,...

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