The Romanian Journal for Baltic and Nordic Studies

Revista Română pentru Studii Baltice şi Nordice – The Romanian Journal for Baltic and Nordic Studies is a biannual  open access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing the results of research in all fields which are intertwined with the aims of The Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies such as:
– History of Baltic and Nordic Europe;
– Geography of Baltic and Nordic Europe;
– Baltic and Nordic Europe in International Relations;
– Baltic and Nordic Europe societies and politics;
– Baltic and Nordic Cultures and Civilizations;
– Economics of Baltic and Northern Europe;
– Ethnic relations in Baltic and Northern Europe;
– Relations between Romania and the Baltic and Nordic Europe;
– Relations and links between the Black and Baltic sea areas

The journal has been established with the aim of fostering research and dialogue among scholars working in Romania and abroad in fields of research related to the interests of ARSBN. The journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions. In the interest of pluralism, RRSBN accepts contributions in English and in some instances in the Scandinavian, Finnish and Baltic languages.
In order to promote the knowledge of the Baltic and Nordic languages and cultures in South-Eastern Europe, additional issues of the journal may be published on the internet with articles in any of the Baltic or Nordic languages or in Romanian, case in which a different ISSN and numbering system will be used. The general submission guidelines apply in this case two, except for the English language abstracts which must consist of some 300 to 400 words.
We are eager and honored to open our pages to all both senior and young scholars engaged in studies regarding the Baltic and Nordic Europe and Romania’s relations with these regions, along with any reviews on other published books and articles calling attention. Our journal will also host reviews of any scholarly events focusing on any of the themes of the Association.

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