Reading the facades. Architexture of Kaliningrad city

Paulina Siegień
University of Gdansk, E-mail:

DOI number: 10.53604/rjbns.v7i2_10

Paulina Siegień (2015), Reading the facades. Architexture of Kaliningrad city. RJBNS 7(2), 139-152. DOI: 10.53604/rjbns.v7i2_10.

This paper was presented at the Sixth international conference on Baltic and Nordic Studies in Romania, Historical memory, the politics of memory and cultural identity: Romania, Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea Region in comparison, organized by the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies, Faculty of History and Political Sciences of Ovidius University of Constanța and International Summer School of The University of Oslo, Norway, May 22-23, 2015. Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, The EEA Fund for Bilateral Relations, contract no. 910/20.03.2015.

The article presents the analysis of the city space of Kaliningrad, the capital city of the Russian exclave Kaliningrad Oblast. I use the methodology proposed by Ewa Rewers – hermeneutics of a trace, and Karl Schlӧgel – new optics to analyse architectural image of Kaliningrad. The historical and architectural layers of the city coexist and have impact on the identity of its inhabitants.

Articolul întreprinde o analiză a spațiului urban al Kaliningrad-ului, orașul capitală al exclavei rusești Kaliningrad. În redactarea sa, folosesc metodologia propusă de Ewa Rewers – hermeneutica unui vestigiu, și Karl Schlӧgel – izvor al unei optici noi în vederea analizării imaginii arhitecturale a Kaliningrad-ului. Straturile istorice și arhitecturale ale orașului coexistă și au un impact asupra identității locuitorilor.

Keywords: Kaliningrad, anthropology of space, spatial turn, geocultural studies, Kӧnigsbergń.pdf
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