The Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies has initiated an ample programme of publications on subjects encompassing the history, culture, language, international relations, bilateral relations, political sciences, philosophy, etc. of Baltic and Nordic areas.

First monographs of Baltic and Nordic history

History of Finland
History of Lithuania
History of Latvia

Analytical volumes of documents

Baron Gustav Emil Mannerheim, Diary from the Romanian Front, editor Silviu Miloiu
The Romanian-Lithuanian Relations
The Romanian-Latvian Relations

International and Bilateral Relations Monographs

Lithuania’s Relations with Romania and Moldavia

Philosophy books

A Romanian Perspective of the North, vol. I
Silviu Miloiu, A Romanian Perspective of the North, vol. II
Leonidas Donskis, “Forms of hatred” (Forme ale urii)
Leonidas Donskis, „Power and imagination” (Putere și imaginație)


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