Statement of ethics and good practice

The Romanian Journal of Baltic and Nordic Studies promotes standards of ethical behavior at all stages of the publication process.  The journal has zero tolerance to plagiarism or the publication of fake/fraudulent research data, and prevents any such instances by closely scrutinizing all materials accepted for publication before releasing them to the public. It uses anti-plagiarism detection software ( to make sure that all articles are genuine contributions Articles which are already published (or are under publishing consideration in other journals), or papers which contain large sections that have already been published elsewhere are not accepted. Also, all articles must include a list of references at the end as well as an acknowledgement of the funding project and institution (if this is the case) in the beginning, following our publication guidelines.
When sending articles for publication, prospective authors must state that all the information in the article is authentic, and have the responsibility of cooperating in the peer review process, as well as the obligation to correct any mistakes in their research or retract their publication in the case of major errors, by contacting the journal editors. In the case of articles with multiple authors, all authors must have had an important contribution to the research.
The Romanian Journal of Baltic and Nordic studies uses and promote an objective process of peer review by making sure that there is no conflict of interest regarding articles send for publication between reviewers and authors and/or research sponsors. Reviewers must inform the journal editor that has contacted them in case they have identified a situation of conflict of interest so that the article may be evaluated by another scholar. Reviewers are encouraged to recommend the newest relevant bibliographical sources for their assigned articles so that the research published is of highest quality. Our journal follows a double blind peer review process, so authors are not disclosed the name of their reviewers while the name of the authors and any kind of personal identification is removed from the article before being sent for review. Also, the results of the review process are handled confidentially by the editors and only disclosed to the authors.
The editors of the Romanian Journal of Baltic and Nordic studies have the right to reject or accept an article based on the result of the internal consultation and of the external double-blind peer review process, in order to be reasonably certain of the merit of the article in question. No conflict of interest between the editors and the authors of the articles is tolerated. In such cases, the editor who has identified a situation of conflict of interest must decline and the article should be handled by a different editor who is not in a situation of conflict of interest with the author(s).  In case editors identify errors in past published articles, they must contact the author(s) to ask them to correct the material and publish the corrected version on the web-site of the journal. In the case that articles are plagiarized or contain major errors, they will be retracted from the respective issue by the editor(s). Any person may contact the editors of the journal regarding any issue that might lead to the correction or retraction of a previously published article. In this case, the editorial board will meet and discuss the case and decide on the retraction of the respective article.  If the article must be retracted the author(s) and all implied parties will be informed of this decision. If the article requires corrections, the author(s) will be asked to perform it and the updated and corrected version of the article will be signaled and published in the online archive of the journal. The Romanian Journal of Baltic and Nordic studies is always prepared to publish retractions, corrections, apologies and clarifications.
The journal editor may seek advice about submitted papers not only from technical reviewers but also on any aspect of a paper that raises concerns. These may include, for example, ethical issues or issues of data or materials access. Very occasionally, concerns may also relate to the implications to society of publishing a paper, including threats to security. In such circumstances, advice will usually be sought simultaneously with the technical peer-review process. As in all publishing decisions, the ultimate decision whether to publish is the responsibility of the editor of the journal concerned.
The Romanian Journal of Baltic and Nordic Studies is a publication of utmost academic integrity and, in this respect, makes sure that all articles published respect its intellectual and ethical standards and that there is no interference of economic and/or business interests.

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