Andreas Sønning – Keys to Concert Productions and Creative Entrepreneurship

Crina Leon
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, E-mail: crina_laurentiu(at)

Andreas Sønning is a Norwegian flute soloist, an Associate Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music and at the same time the owner and artistic director of Sønning Music Performance in Oslo, a company yearly producing more than 100 performances both in Norway and abroad. The company established in 1994 has had partnerships with for instance Telenor, Nordea and Total E&P Exploration Norway but has also prepared various productions for Norwegian authorities. Andreas Sønning has been a visiting professor to the Norwegian universities of Oslo and Agder and to universities, conservatories and cultural institutions in the other Northern countries, in Germany, England, Ireland, the Netherlands and USA. He has lectured extensively on creative and cultural entrepreneurship. In February 2020 he was invited to take part in the first edition of the Classix Festival in Iaşi, a festival whose artistic director is Dragoş Andrei Cantea, a former student of Andreas Sønning. The present interview was taken on April 22, 2020.

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